DSA Theatre Guild

The DSA Theatre Guild is open to all students, parents and teachers. The purpose of the organization is to build community among all three, with an emphasis on EDI (Equity/Diversity/Inclusion). We are currently meeting virtually until it becomes possible to meet in person again.


  • Jennifer Detchman (Mother of Isaac Dechtman, 6th Grade) 
  • Amy Andrews McMaster (Mother of Fiona Andrews, 6th Grade) 
  • Julie McPherson (Mother of Kayla McPherson, 7th Grade)
  • Manuel Rivero (Father of Julia Rivero, 7th Grade)
  • Caron Blanke (Mother of Ruthie and Ari Bird, 9th and 12th Grade) 
  • Patty Lindstrom (Mother of Jack Lindstrom, 9th Grade)
  • Kim Bogin (Mother of Rush Bogin, 10th Grade)
  • Kendra Maruyama (Mother of Tessa Maruyama, 10th Grade)
  • Summer Jones (Current Student, 11th Grade)
  • Candy Brown (Guest Artist) 
  • Eli Carpenter (Alumni/Guest Artist)
  • JR Dunn (DSA Academic Faculty)