Class of 2008


After leaving DSA, Jamie ventured to New York City to study Theatre Performance at Marymount Manhattan College. It was there she learned the profound power of discovery through doing–to actively use and break the rules of theatre to reflect and question contradictions in human behavior. A form can be created through active collaborative discovery in the rehearsal room. Within the process of identifying and specifying these discoveries lives a beautiful freedom within the form.

Jamie has since moved to London pursuing her MFA in Theatre Directing at East 15. With a varying modular style training, she has experience in Shakespeare, improvisation and devising, British contemporary theatre, film, and she studied Russian psychological theatre and biomechanics for a term at GITIS in Moscow. Across the pond, she uncovered the vast possibility of live performance through her exposure to diverse international theatre traditions. She saw that no matter what text one is working on, be it brand new or something 450 years old, all plays call upon artists to creatively realise (something she coins as crealise) their present truth. Jamie found there are ideas, contradictions, and mysterious dialectics seething beneath humanity that can only be discovered artistically.

Jamie most recently directed her MFA dissertation piece in London, a devised cabaret called Not Enough. She also just attended the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival assisting Kelly Hunter’s production of Hamlet: Who’s There?.

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