Drama Day 2017

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Saturday, December 2nd – 9AM-3:15PM ($45)

Denver School of the Arts – Department of Theatre invites you to come for a day of theatre games and workshops. Meet other students who have interests in theatre and explore who you are.

Drama Day Classes

Workshops typically consist of topics and classes in the following areas:

  • Hip Hop Dance: learn basic steps and a short dance sequence.
  • Musical Theatre: learn 16 bars of a dance that would replicate an audition for a musical.
  • Stage Combat: learn basic slaps, hits, and falls to use on stage.
  • Improv: explore and play several improv games.
  • Playwriting: explore the ease of free writing and how easy creating a new play can be.
  • Physical Acting: bring a prepared monologue for this workshop and build a character through leading centers, postures, walk, and sitting.
  • Make-up: learn fundamentals of stage make-up and how to make realistic bruises.
  • Dialects: explore New York, British, and Irish dialects.
  • Shakespeare: an intro to interpreting and acting the Bard’s text, especially helpful for students who participate in the DPS Shakespeare Festival.
  • Vocal Master Class: bring a PREPARED song with sheet music—students wil sing their song and get feedback.
  • Technical Theatre: explore tech with basic introduction to costumes.
  • Duet Scene Coaching: prepared scenes will be critiqued.
  • Monologue Coaching: one-on-one coaching for a PREPARED and MEMORIZED monologue—perfect for getting an audition monologue ready.