Indecent Opens This Thursday! Check out this Sneak Peek!

Watch the trailer for Indecent

Come check out DSA Theatre’s first live public performance in 19 months: Indecent, playing live from the DSA Rotunda Oct. 28 – 30 and Nov. 1 – 3 at 7 p.m.

Sholem Asch, noted Jewish playwright, wrote THE GOD OF VENGEANCE which was first produced in 1907. This Yiddish drama received backlash from critics and community members for breaking tradition by portraying realistic Jewish characters and covering topics such as lesbianism and prostitution. The actors and producers were ultimately charged with obscenity.

Paula Vogel’s play written in 2015 takes you on the journey of this theatre company through their own eyes as they brought the play to life – from the first read-through to the last performance. INDECENT helps to keep the story of this courageous troupe and the play alive.

Why you should come – Returning from their year and a half hiatus, the DSA Theatre Company is proud to bring you a story of community, loss and devotion. INDECENT is incredibly important now when we find ourselves dealing with similar debates and issues.

The COPPER cast consists of Nick Benak, Ben Feldman, Hayden Pulliam, Spencer Henry, Juliette Fabre, Lara Amadeo, Haley Bart, Eve Friday, Reed Jacobs, Harper Sidener, Hudson Halverstadt, Isabella Conklin and Graham Cox.

The COPPER cast will be performing on October 28th – October 30th – November 2nd.

The BRASS cast consists of Chase Mackay, Avi Levin, Amalia Thompson, Connor Medberry, Gigi Morgan, Kaia Love Wilcox, Ivy Silvesky, Valeria Angelo Circa, Brandon Searle, Caroline Murray, Rush Bogin, Marina Leo and Levi Singer.

The BRASS cast will be performing on October 29th – November 1st – November 3rd.

We’re so happy to welcome you back to the school and to live performances!

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