DSA’s Juniors perform “Too Much Light – Spelled Backwards is Racecar” April 14 – April 16, 2021

Watch the class of 2022 perform multiple, personal short plays, LIVE, over Twitch, April 14-16 at 7 p.m. This is a DSA tradition! Click here for tickets!

Inspired by the work of the New York Neo-Futurists, TOO MUCH LIGHT: SPELLED BACKWARDS IS RACE CAR is a compilation of short plays written by the Junior Theatre class. There are 30 plays in total: some comedy, some drama, and some sea shanty. Audience members are invited to interact during the show. The order in which the plays will be presented is chosen on the spot by the audience. The performance will be streamed on the TWITCH platform. Come support the Junior class in their production of TOO MUCH LIGHT: SPELLED BACKWARDS IS RACE CAR.

We are live streaming through TWITCH! While you can view the stream WITHOUT a Twitch account, you can only comment WITH a Twitch account. That being said, if you want to interact during the show, which is highly encouraged, please create an account prior to the show. It is an easy process, and the site will walk you through it. There will be a countdown to the show starting 30 minutes prior to each showing. At 10 minutes until the show, the theatre class of 2022 will be PARTYING in preparation for the show! We encourage you to join us, so we can get excited together!

TML is traditionally a show that you pay at the door to get in. The cost is $5 PLUS the roll of a dice. So anywhere from $6 to $11 per person. The money raised by ticket sales is the budget for this years junior class senior project next year. The amount you choose to pay to get “in” to this show will also support next year’s projects for this same class.