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The Denver Public Schools’ Denver School of the Arts (DSA) is the only comprehensive arts magnet school in the Rocky Mountain region.  Founded in 1991, the sixth through twelfth grade school provides many unique opportunities to our 900+ students to nurture their creative talents in a supportive environment designed to encourage artistic and academic excellence.



April 21ST from 8AM-2PM

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Fill the Gap Campaign

The actual cost of educating a DSA student with a comprehensive arts/academic education is $6,250, however the estimated 2017-18 DPS allocation for DSA students is $4,978 per student. So we are faced with a gap in fully funding a nationally competitive arts and academic education. This gap is $1,272 per student.

With all DSA parents coming together to Fill the Gap with a monthly, unrestricted contribution, we will be able to provide the quality educational programs in the arts and academics that our students deserve. A school-wide culture of philanthropy is essential to the success of our students, and fulfilling our mission…and together we will be stronger!

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Jimmy Bruenger, Class of 2016

JimmyJimmy Bruenger was awarded the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in ARTS AND CULTURE: Youth Arts and Culture Award. This award honors an individual 17 or younger who has made a significant difference and/or impact in the community through the arts, or an organization that has significantly impacted the lives of children in the City and County of Denver through the arts.

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Shawn Hann, DSA’s Director of Theatre

Ms. Hann received the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in ARTS AND CULTURE in the People’s Choice category is In School Arts. Nominees for this award are Denver Public Schools teachers who are creatively using arts in their curriculum.

DSA Theatre Students and The Laramie Project

The Matthew Shepard Foundation set out to capture a behind-the-scenes look at “The Laramie Project” with students at the Denver School of the Arts, who performed both “The Laramie Project” and “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later” in January 2015. Combining the perspectives of Susan Burk, original Tectonic Theater Project member Kelli Simpkins and student performers, this video aims to capture the continued relevance of the themes presented in the play and define the life-changing experience cast and community members receive by putting on this production.

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What in the world are our alumni up to?:

Justine (Schomp) Lupe Class of 2007:


Gabriel Ebert Class of 2005:


Jake Brasch/Brittany Vicars Class of 2010, Madeline Barr Class of 2011:


Playwright Jake Brasch acting in his original show Greenland with alumni Brittany Vicars starring and Madeline Barr directing.

Shannon Desmond Class of 2009:


Sam Lips Class of 2008:


Starring in Baz Luhrmann’s London adaptation of Strictly Ballroom.

Sam Deutsch Class of 2004:


Laura Ramadei Class of 2003:


Blake Babbitt Class of 2003:


Braden Marks Class of 2002:


Writer for ABC’s Quantico

And Guest Artists in the news!:

Harvy Blanks


Candy Brown


Steven Cole Hughes


Class of 2018 

THEATRE-12-BAIRD_CASANDRA-5757_preview Casandra Baird

THEATRE-12-BELL_ANNIKA-5618_previewAnnika Bell

THEATRE-12-BENNET_CAROLINE-5605_previewCaroline Bennet

THEATRE-12-Blair_Katie-2432_previewKatelyn Blair

THEATRE-12-DECHTMAN_ESTEE-5637_previewEstee Dechtman

THEATRE-12-DESHONG_WYATT-5642_previewWyatt DeShong

THEATRE-12-EDMUNDS_ZEAH-5746_previewZeah Edmonds

THEATRE-12-EMBLETON_EMILY-5665_previewEmily Embleton

THEATRE-12-GARDNER_TANNER-5675_previewTanner Gardner

THEATRE-12-GELMAN_JOSH-1020_previewJosh Gelman

THEATRE-12-GRANT_TRINITY-5732_previewTrinity Grant

THEATRE-12-HARRIS_ISA-5696_previewIsabella Harris

THEATRE-12-HERRONEN_LAURA-5714_previewLaura Herronen

THEATRE-12-HIPPOLYTE_SEQUOIAH-5814_previewSequoiah Hippolyte

THEATRE-12-JOHNSON_KIARA-0818_previewKiara Johnson

THEATRE-12-KAY_ALEC-5612_previewAleksandra Kay

THEATRE-12-KOSKINEN_SANSONE_GABRIEL-1032_previewGabriel Koskinen-Sansone

THEATRE-12-KRUPANSKY_SOPHIE-5782_previewSophie Krupanszky

THEATRE-12-LAUER_HANA-5799_previewHana Lauer

THEATRE-12-Loberg_Baris-2424_previewBaris Loberg

THEATRE-12-MABRY_SKYLAR-5761_previewSkylar Mabry

THEATRE-12-RODRIGUEZ_JOSUE-0990_previewJosue Rodriguez

THEATRE-12-SCHIEVING_ELLIE-5777_previewElizabeth Schieving

THEATRE-12-SIMPSON_MATTHEW-5790_previewMatthew Simpson

THEATRE-12-Sparks_Justice-2437_previewJustice Sparks

THEATRE-12-SULLIVAN_EVAN-5769_previewEvan Sullivan

THEATRE-12-WATSON_RILEY-5823_previewRiley Watson

THEATRE-12-ZELENKO_ALICE-5833_previewAlice Zelenko